We have focused our services on four pillars: training, development, services and consulting. Thus, you can concentrate on your business while we support and assist your company in all IT- matters and bring you computer to life.

We offer custom-tailor training

The promotion and training of your employees should not be a product off the rack. In order to achieve a perfect match we analyze all your individual needs in a first step. Not until then, our designers tailor a first draft for your needs that you can verify before it goes into production. In other words: from the analysis based on the facts given and the training concept we are developing, we will assist you as personal point of contact in all IT-related matters. Trainings can be held in classrooms booked by us, or in your usual work environment. You choose the right location for your training courses while relying on our expertise and experience. Our instructors use the programs on a daily basis and therefore they are able to transfer the necessary knowledge they need professionally. We are always aware that we are dealing with humans and not machines. We support your company in promoting this most important human capital. We assist your employee (s) in all phases of advanced vocational training and deliver a customized training program to your individual needs.

Trainings for continuing professional education

Main forcus are:

  • Windows Update
  • MS Office update training for Word, Excel,... all modules on Office
  • MindManager - we are authorized training partner of Mindjet
  • Microsoft Visio training, including customized business process analysis in the implementation of the EU services directive
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft SharePoint

We offer accompanying trainings:

  • General basics of IT
  • Basics of the Internet
  • General Knowledge for everyone
  • MS Office training Word, Excel,... all modules
  • Adobe Acrobat training

Personal coaching for executives, employees and teams

Individual coaching for leaderships, managers, teams and employees:

  • We are certified to use DISG® Model for trainings and consulting
  • „lead healthy“ is more important than ever, are you already using the health management-system?
  • Individual workplace optimization
  • Analyzing your daily business routines and tools
  • Safe and efficient use of your software tools
  • MS-Office: Learn how to effectively use the software
  • Training for elderly persons: How to use pc’s and the world wide web
  • As a professional mediator I am able to support you in case of controvery team- or businsess-matters
  • As professional coach for burn-out diseases I can support you in critical situations
  • My hypnosis-skills, only applied if the consumer requires it firmly, are a valuable method to dissolve mental blockades. This coaching-method is subject to medical confidentiality

Training around the school

During the school's education, we offer appropriate supplementary and remedial teaching:

  • General computer basics
  • Basics of the Internet Programming and data structures
  • generally Programming languages
  • Mathematics
  • High school preparation

Training exam preparation

We support you during the exam preparation in the areas of:

  • IHK Chamber of Commerce exam preparation
  • IHK Chamber of Commerce master training "Metal"
  • IHK Chamber of commerce specialist application
  • development / system integration Accounting
  • Accounting

Training during the education

Parallel to the vocational training, we support you in the areas of:

  • General computer basics
  • Basics of the Internet Programming and data structures
  • generally Programming
  • languages Web programming
  • Office applications to learn and take advantage of optimized
  • Accounting

Training along the study

In addition to study we support following topics as lecturers:

  • Business Informatics
  • Basics of programming (e.g. VBA, JAVA, C##)
  • Basics of the Internet (e.g. browser, security, search engines, catalogues)
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Database modeling and database programming (e.g. access, mySQL, SQL Server)
  • Web programming (e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, dot.net)
  • Software Engineering (e.g. process models, quality management, UML)

Solutions with elegance and power

Individual programming is a challenge we gladly face. Here, the smooth development of the best solution is in the foreground. For this we offer innovative thinking and technical expertise – a combination that makes everything possible in principle.

Whether existing or newly developed databases, your website or electronic publications - our programmers speak the necessary languages fluently and are totally aware of the big picture behind it.

This also applies to Office applications and macros. We love to make your life easier and look forward to the challenges that we can solve for you. We work with the following methods and tools:

Examples of development environments:

Visual Studio Programming Languages: VB / VBA, C + +, C #, Java Web Design: HTML, Java, JavaScript, CSS Server-based Web Programming: ASP, PHP Content management systems: Typo3, Drupal, TYPOlight

Examples of databases:

Microsoft Office Access MySQL Microsoft SQL Server


Windows Scripting Host


Database Solutions & Development

We develop custom-made database systems for all sorts of tasks. TRENDICO provides professional programming, creative design and an expert response to your requests and ideas. The focus is therefore often the integration of the new solution into existing IT - systems and the porting of existing data into the system.

Well-practiced workflow need to be optimized and automated, and the efficiency of your staff will be increased.

It does not matter whether addresses, members, orders, inventory, projects, documents or other data are to be managed. We make existing information digitally available while implementing your specifications competently and reliably.

In the end there is always a simple operation: if you are already working with other MS Office programs, you will be able to operate with our database applications in no time.


Office Macro & VBA development

Challenge us with automation processes. Many time wasters can be accomplished by pressing a button and repetitive tasks can be simplified with the appropriate scripts. Are you aware of the following:


  • You are using Office documents while activities are repeating over and over again?
  • You want to save certain points of you Office program?
  • The daily life offers thousands of ideas around this topic that can help you?

Many of these ideas will be dropped, because your company lacks the appropriate expertise! It is often very time- and cost consuming to build up the required know-how and that is where we can help you. Talk to us about your ideas - we will develop creative solutions specifically for your needs.


Web Solutions & Internet solutions

We offer more than just the usual services around the Internet. Whether implementation of shop applications or programming of individual components such as surveys, contests, or databases: with us your website is in good hands. We also analyze the existing Web site, realize your most individual demands, and if necessary, breathe some fresh air into your Web appearance.

We will put your publications, - also electronic ones – on track and give wings to your communications. To make your customers and partners become fan of your business, we love to surprise you with special marketing campaigns. Or do you simply need better texts or a nicer layout?

Our network offers the right partner for any challenge. Thus, we can ensure your presentation is shining in renewed splendour,- and in return, will shine on you

Your success is our challenge

Experience and knowledge for your success!

We have focused our services on four pillars: training, development, services and consulting.

Thus, you can concentrate on your business while we support and assist your company in all IT- matters and bring you computer to life.

  • Training: We train your employees the knowledge they need for their daily business
  • Development: We develop databases, Web applications and Office macros
  • Service: We advise and assist you in all hardware and software matters and take care of your IT network and the concept to save data
  • Consulting: We analyze, design, advice, and point to solutions - in all aspects of process optimization

Talk to us! So we can find out together where the shoe pinches and how to optimize your successes. Because “your success is our concern”.

Your success is our challenge

Especially in business life is: Life is constant change. Processes must be optimized; value chains are built and maintained. The management of change requires both: courage and innovative spirit, but also a lot of technical and strategic understanding. Here you can rely on us. At the beginning of every change process it is important to analyze, document and, if necessary, to adapt your processes. This may be a process with interfaces to your customers and suppliers, or an internal process. Whatever the context and the environment: We find the heart of the matter and concentrate on the essentials. We place great emphasis on transparency, accountability and sustainability likewise. In everything we do, we always have your success in mind - that's how we will support you: fast, efficiently and profitably. However, we will always operate in cooperation with you as a service provider and partner at your side. Thus, we design and optimize the processes together throughout your entire value chain. Practical solutions are developed at eye level and implemented together with all participants. We also like to break new grounds, while thinking laterally and putting achievements into question. The partnership approach is a necessary prerequisite for this. We are glad to gain your trust, Challenge us!

We do not work alone - especially not from the top down – but always at eye level with our customers. Our main objective: "the value chain" - We design and optimize processes throughout the value chain.

Applications for the practice

Individual programming is a challenge, we like to assume. Where is the smooth development of the best possible solution in the foreground. We offer innovative thinking and expertise - a blend, which basically makes possible everything.

We already support the following processes and technical procedures with database applications:

  • Soldatenversorgungsgesetzesdie implementation of the soldier supply Act paperless Central Hesse Full
  • Board abwickelnin a school with full-day care and meals are supported all related processes (master data, bookings, invoicing etc.)
  • Qualification / ReisekostendatenbankErfassung training and travel costs, as well as the production of specified documents
  • SeminardatenbankAbwicklung seminar operation from planning, booking, invitation and monitoring of the budget
  • WartelistendatenbankZentrale acquisition of customers, allocation of customers to an employee information via email with all data, tracking of waiting times, creating evaluations
  • Support several administrative procedures in youth offices (with interfaces with static offices of State and federal)
  • e.g.

We already support the following processes with Microsoft Office applications:

  • Dashboard development with Microsoft Excel
  • Dynamic charts for regular reporting
  • Data preparation for individual procedures (tax office, interfaces to SAP, interfaces to other systems) e.g.

USE our experience for your success!