Our company now exists for more than 25 years, emerged from an ongoing interest in IT and people to unite together. Over the time, many people have joined us, our services and facilities have expanded and strengthened continuously. We have been working together successfully for many years and consider ourselves as TRENDICO TEAM, just after Henry Ford: "Coming together is a win, staying together is progress, working together is success."



You are in the focus. So we do whatever it takes to contribute to continue your success. And that boils down to ten simple, clear and significant points:

  • We not only optimize your processes but also the quality of our work
  • We provide for increased productivity while reducing costs
  • We are innovative, flexible and fast, but also think of the protection of the environment
  • We can do without costly administration and office staff we only advertise over the Internet
  • The resulting cost savings are passed on to our customers
  • We look forward to satisfied customers and their good recommendations
  • Lifelong learning is not just a slogan - we live it! We place the people in the foreground and recognize their values
  • Therefore, we also pay attention to an individual work-life balance within each team

On the way to a better cooperation

We have just entered the information age and again find ourselves in the middle of the next rapid change. Familiar structures collapse, many existing systems do not work anymore and old thinking is obsolete. The current change of awareness will lead to an increasing peaceful coexistence in the future and bring an end to the rat race society. This cooperation must and will enter the world economy as well. And it has already! It is our vision to harmonize people and latest technology under the circumstances given and to ensure that effective and professional work can be accomplished. We aim to promote knowledge and optimize processes to achieve the best results possible. The same also applies to nature and the environment which need to be protected and preserved. For the well being of all individuals and all those involved.

Our team needs you:

We are looking for professional, flexible staff members for our training and education field. Since the spectrum of our services has constantly extended or renewed in order to make it more flexible for our customers you have the opportunity to work for us as trainer in many areas of activity. One of our demands is to create customized training and educational concepts and their optimal implementation. We have our own style and ideas that are recognized and appreciated by our customers.

We expect our employees to be highly reliable and flexible, while offering a high degree of planning freedom for them.

You are looking for a freelance-, or part-time position or an additional job opportunity to communicate your excellent skills in the areas of software application and programming software? You have experience as a coach, trainer, speaker, teacher ... plus the appropriate qualifications such as studies, instructor qualification, work experience ...etc.

If so, you are exactly right with us - just send us your comprehensive application together with your desired salary via email and we will get in touch with you to discuss all matters concerning our mutual goals, advantages and disadvantages, and many other points of interest.

Currently, we are offering the following positions:

  • Trainers for the entire MS Office package up to version 2010 and Windows 7
  • especially coaches with English and / or French language skills

Sharepoint Developers

  • Professional developers for PHP and mySQL / SQL Server
  • Professional developers for TYPO3 and Joomla
  • Professional developers who enjoy creating creative flashes

An insight into a way of 'lifelong learning'

Besides the conscious learning, I have are allowed to learn life, many ups and downs were involved and showed me the way to me - how I am today.

  • the experience of many emotional phases
  • Learning to cope
  • the experience of what makes us what we are andwhat impact we have was very exciting and
  • it goes


This journey is called also the "hero's journey" in the NLP.

I would like to support you in your professional environment to be healthy and remain, in addition to the fulfilment of your important duties.


My interest in the people and the desire to appropriate To be able to offer assistance, supplemented by ongoing training.

 Counselling skills

  • BGM, specialist for corporate health management (IHK)
  • Systemic and solution-oriented advice compact (Schwind Institute)
  • Training the NLP practitioner, NLP practitioner (DVNLP)
  • Training NLP Master (DVNLP) (Kobi Institute)
  • Training NLP trainer (DVNLP) (Kobi Institute)

Psychological skills

  • Psychotherapy, training psychotherapy (P. Winzen)
  • Psychotherapy, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (P. Winzen)
  • Psychotraumatology for helping professions
    (U. Redmann, Prof. Dr. med P. Abilgaard)
  • EMDR-coach (Andreas Zimmermann)
  • SPSS for PsychologenInnen (University of Hagen)

Technical/methodological competencies

  • Naturopath (in education, QiGarden)
  • Traditional Chinese medicine (in education, Isolde Richter school)
  • LNB pain therapy
  • Hypnosis coach, psychological counseling, national Guild of hypnotists™, Inc. (NGH)


Stress / conflict management

  • Burnout consultant
  • certified as a trainer for the disc model
  • Postgraduate studies mediation, mediator DGM
  • Basic skills in hospice work and care - challenge coping with stress
    (Hospice - and PalliativAkademie)

Relaxation techniques

  • Aromatherapy consultant
  • course leader in progressive muscle relaxation training
  • Yoga-Trainer

Premiere - the first book:
Mengenoperationen auf Darstellungen beweglicher Gebiete"

Welcome! What can you expect here? To be able to more effectively help people or detect the dangerous convergence of risks at an early stage and prevent it would be nice if to answer the following questions with the help of information processing: changing structures can be found in the chronological series of CT slice images of the liver of a patient? How and at what speed do they change? Come close aircraft, taking into account their route and the current weather conditions in the airspace above Frankfurt dangerous in the next 15 minutes? How overlapped the settlements of various tribes during the migration period? Answering such questions is to provide with modern databases. In addition to the abstract and discrete models needed, the implementation is also illuminated. I wish you joy with the considerations outlined in this reading to the named issues. In order to make the world a little bit better.

ISBN-13: 978-3-639-88066-3
ISBN-10: 3639880668 EAN: 9783639880663
Language: German
Akademikerverlag, 03.02.2016: to the Publisher       

Cities and communities in social networks

With the brochure "Cities and communities in social networks", which originated in an overarching cooperation of German of cities and municipalities with the lower Saxon towns and municipalities, the municipal trust Germany and with the participation of many practitioners, all administrations and companies can draw their own involvement in the right lanes and gain many positive experiences. The brochure "Cities and communities in social networks" is published within the framework of the series of the lower Saxon towns and municipalities.

How it all began ...

Our company now exists for over 25 years, emerged from an ongoing interest in IT and people to unite together. Over the time, many people have joined us, our services and facilities have expanded and strengthened continuously.

We have been working together successfully for many years and consider ourselves as TRENDICO TEAM, just after Henry Ford: "Coming together is a win, staying together is progress, working together is success."

Network and membership

GEDAM ManagementTools

Your specialist for professional staff development instruments.

KTD Kommunaltreuhand Deutschland e. K.

The municipal trust Germany offers services to cities, municipalities, districts, public companies and non-profits.

Irene Melenk & Susanne Schröer


Sometimes it takes heart and sometimes it took heart that work with you.


  • You turn in the circle?
  • Their solution strategies are unfounded?
  • You feel exhausted?

For your coaching topics from the world of work. Together we are great - we are happy to meet us.

Associations are communities that are supportive in their common interest and strengthen. For this reason, we are also active in the following communities:

  • IHK actively as Chairman of audit committees for Fachinformatiker
  • DGQQualität is important to us
  • VDE always informs innovation and technology are fast
  • Marketing Club middle Hessen here there great speeches and you can meet interesting people
  • DGM German Association for mediation e.V.
  • WAI network a network for the promotion of work ability
  • DNBGF German network for workplace health promotion
  • DVNLP of the German Association for neuro linguistic programming e.V. was founded in 1996 as the Association of organized users of NLP, NLP coach and NLP trainer. He is the second largest association in the German further training landscape and the largest Association of NLP in Europe. 
  • Main-Kinzig-Kreis
  • Kommunales Center für Arbeit
  • Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für Arbeit, Qualifizierung und Ausbildung mbH
  • KTD Kommunaltreuhand Deutschland e.K.
  • Regierungspräsidium Giessen, Frankfurt, Darmstadt
  • Bosch Communication ServicesHessische Zentrale für Datenverarbeitung (HZD)
  • ESaK Europäische Studienakademie
  • Kälte-Klima-LüftungZeiger GmbH
  • H&D International Group
  • Die Wortschmiede Wetzlar
  • Gemeinde Seevetal, Stabsstelle Verwaltungsmodernisierung
  • Mettler ToledoCamCenter GmbH
  • Berufsakademie Rhein-Main (BA)
  • Börsenverein des Deutsche Buchhandels
  • SZABO Fertigungstechnik GmbH
  • Telenorma > Bosch >Telekom > Tenovis
  • Bosch Sicherheitstechnik
  • Refa Hessen Mitte
  • McMicro Computer-Vertriebs- und Software-GmbH
  • Stadtverwaltung Nidderau
  • Psychologische Praxis, Christine Claudi
  • Erhardt Fey GmbH Concludent GmbH
  • MOWE Kaminkopftechnik GmbH
  • Aktiva Personalleasing GmbH
  • Unitec Informationssysteme GmbH
  • etc.